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Chemo Curls

Enough said. Actually, if you have a minute, I have a short story (honest) about my hair.

Ocho, I, my brother and his cute wife went to the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss concert at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley last night. We had to park far away, and the air was smoky (from all the NorCal fires) and foggy. So foggy, in fact, that it was misting. After about three minutes, you could see my hair curling. Like slow-motion photography of a tender little shoot pushing through the earth and growing into a plant. Only faster. And curlier. By the time we got to the Greek, I was Linc (see Totally Mod).

Fortunately, Ocho thought it was cute. Yet another reason to love him.

The concert last night was stunningly beautiful. As I sat there in the dense fog, listening to the improbable but perfect duo of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, feeling my hair curling and twisting, I felt a peace settle on me and sink into my soul.

PS: To my big sis: Jannie, doesn't my hair like this remind you of when I was in sixth grade--minus the wire-rimmed John Denver glasses?


Anonymous said…
Wow! I just love that hair! No kidding. I have hair that's always been almost that curly all my life. I needed it to have that extra oomph that yours has now so I could really have it full and long. I've got the long at 57, and multi shades browns, tans, grays...but I need your extra curl pizzaz. Guess I'll just have to keep lustin on yours! One lucky gal, quit yer biatchin've got what I always dreamed of in the hair dept! Thanks for the very cute photo!
lahdeedah said…
Haha! Thanks, Church. Ocho would love you for telling me to stop my biatchin :) Hope things on the Missouri are settling down.

Much love.
Jenster said…
I think it looks great! I wish mine would decide to be either curly or straight - none of this in the middle crap! I'm trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it. If I hadn't already been there I'd say "shave it"!

BTW - At first glance you look like Janet on Three's Company!
Anonymous said…
Don't mind "aging" myself by saying that 3 times before I was 18I sat 3 rows front center watching Janice Joplin in my home city Rochester NY. Does anyone but me remember her, her energy, her hair?!! OMG, her hair! I can hear her now speakin to you girl, and what would she be sayin?! Pick any one of her songs that came from her soul and that is what she'd be sayin to you! Listen up! You're where you are how you are now! I am just so darn glad that there was a you for me to meet, cause you don't know what your writing did for me while my mother was slowly dying in a painful way and all I had everyday was the ability to log on and blog and read to get some sanity. and a couple others, without knowing it got me through a very bad winter and a death that I feared a lifetime. Now want to talk bout the relevance of hair?
Ok, Janice tell em "you don't know how I feel....." :-)
lahdeedah said…
Remember Jen: I've seen your photo and you're babe-a-licious :)
lahdeedah said…
You're so freakin' cool, Church.

And if you're old, I'm old because I still have "Pearl" up in my attic. If you still have it, too, go listen to "Get It While You Can." That's exactly what you're saying to me, and it's exactly what I need to hear. As usual, you know how to touch my soul.

And, you know, if I inadvertently helped you through last winter, then any writing I've done has been totally worth it.

Love to you.
Jenster said…
"babe-a-licious". *snort*
Trudie said…
Straight hair was something I invented - or maybe it was my parents who did! In any event, there isn't so much as a shade of a curl in my shaggy mop that also manages to be soft as baby's hair at the same time. Now that I'm getting a bit of grey in it, I can almost get it to conform to some type of hairdo - but My Oh My how I envy you your curls!
And yes - you reminded me of Janet on Three's Company!
lahdeedah said…
Hey Trudie,

All the way from Lappland, Sweden!

This is proof of that saying, the grass is always greener, haha!

I always wanted straight hair because you can cut it in an angular bob and wear dangly earrings. Curly? Not so much.

And mine is baby fine, too.

I'm going to Google an image of Janet on Three's Company, LOL!
Jena Strong said…
Yeah, baby! Now you and I could be hair sisters. This is what happens when I brush mine, which happens roughly once every three to five years.
lahdeedah said…

Send a photo. I want to see if we truly are hair sisters :)

I've seen a photo of your curls and they're plain adorable. I'm sure the brushed-out version is wild, but cute.

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