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Totally Mod

Like most couples, Ocho and I recycle arguments. In fact, we've totally flattened the cans on a few topics. So I was delighted when we recently got into it about something brand new.

Ocho was at his house in his bed watching a movie on his Macbook. I was at my house making an Excel spreadsheet of my expenses. I called Ocho, looking for a distraction. "Who's in the movie?" I asked. "It's the guy who was in The Mod Squad," he said. "He also was in The Matrix."

"Dude," I said. "You are so not the man when it comes to '70s pop culture. Lawrence Fishburne was in The Matrix, but it was a totally different guy in The Mod Squad."

"Same guy," Ocho insisted.

With that challenge, I opened another browser window and googled a photo of Lawrence Fishburne. Then I googled The Mod Squad. This is one of the photos I found:

All of a sudden, it didn't matter whether the actor in Ocho's movie was Lawrence Fishburne or Clarence Williams III (whose name I'd just found). What mattered is that I'd found a graphic representation of each distinct phase of my hair evolution this past year. I emailed the photo to Ocho. "Check this out," I said on the phone. "Before chemo, I was Julie. For about eight months post-chemo, I was Pete. Now that the rainy season is here, I am Linc."

When people want to tell you something difficult, they often will use we instead of I. "We are tired of hearing about your hair," Ocho announced. "I am too," I said. "Honest. But think about it this way: My hair, and the amount of product and time it takes to do it, is so consuming that it totally distracts me from all the other things that bug me. Dig?"

Silence. Although, I'm sure he was thinking, "Right on, Baby. Right on."


Thanks for your wonderful comment! Yes, feel free to use "Today, I am grateful for..." in your blog!
Jayne said…
Did you have really long hair before chemo? Me too. Down to the middle of my back. I love my hair now, though (15 months post chemo). I keep saying that I need to put new pics on my blog...just can't seem to get around it done!
KT said…
Just discovered your post tonight and was delighted to read about your conversation with Ocho! It reminds me of my husband and me....because we both like to be right, he and I would be on our computers immediately to prove the other wrong! And also because of the "enough about the hair". I love my post-chemo hair but I think my husband tires of hearing all about it. He does love all the money we've saved by not having to buy so much hair product. Katie
P.S. Loved your chemo hat post, too. A friend told me her scrapbooking buddy created a whole album of her hats. I didn't have enough for an album, but I thought it was an interesting idea.
Jill Aldrich said…

I just left a long email on your blog, but wanted to say thank you for emailing mine.

On a lighter note than what I wrote personally, I couldn't be happier that you love your post-chemo hair. Mine, to quote my friend Sam, is heinous. Truly. But I rejoice in others' good fortune :)


Sherry said…
Hey Jill...thanks for leaving a comment on my site...I've been reading through yours, am adding you to my favourites...I think we have the beginnings of a beautiful relationship here :) Seriously, cancer has brought me many great people to add to my world is one of the best.
Jill Aldrich said…
Hey Sherry,

Your site is stunning. I've been there all morning reading and checking out the images (and music!).

Enthusiastically adding you to my mine :)
Jenster said…
I dig you, man. I bear the most striking resemblence to Linc right now, sans the glasses.
Jill Aldrich said…

You're one cool cat, baby! But you're going to have to prove your Linc likeness. I'm w-a-y too proud to actually post my Linc photo here, so I'll have to email it to you :)
Jenster said…
Teehee. I'm afraid my Lincness has actually come to an end with the cooler weather. Last week, however, when it was hot and humid my longish short hair was madly frizzy.
Jenster said…
Hey Linc, I mean Jill. I have an award for you on my blog. :o)
Jill Aldrich said…
Hey Jen--This is why I love this medium. I've met some amazing women. Thank you for going out of your way to be kind and gracious. You absolutely made my day.

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