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10 Years Later...

This is for Kate because she told me she still reads this blog and I want to make this worth her while, poor kid. So I've been perseverating on a topic. Here are the front runners: 1. The importance of a good vocabulary / writing skills in life 2. Books you must read now and why 3. The life-changing benefits of meditation 4. The life-changing magic of tidying up (thanks Marie Kondo) 5. Why the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone fixed the whole ecosystem of the region 6. The power of delayed gratification 7. How the Kardashians created the maddening vocal fry syndrome and made a whole generation of young women sound like raging, witless idiots I'm sure she's running for the hills, or a boba tea, about now. So, I'll ask her directly. What would you like to read about Birdy?