Sunday, July 18, 2010

What Matters

I know. I take off an entire year, now I just can't stop writing. So much to document. The Walk. The Man. The Kids. Of course, people used to read this blog. Now, it's just me. No worries. I have reached that point in my life where I understand what's truly important. Who'd have ever thought that an angst-ridden, self-conscious chick like me would get to the point where other people's opinions don't matter? Or, truth be told, matter less?

True story: My brother, his wife, me and my kids were in my brother's Honda Pilot last Christmas, going to Stanford to return Christmas presents. My brother and I share a love of Alison Krauss and Shawn Colvin. But lately, my brother's taste in music has devolved, as evidenced by the Glee soundtrack streaming from the Pilot's speakers that day.

Mike: "Uncle Dennis, your music sucks ass."

Uncle Dennis: "You know what's great about being middle-aged, Mike? You don't give a shit what other people think. And you're going to love the Michael Buble CD I got coming up next."

I turned 50 in May. I no longer care that I can't fit into a size 8. I no longer care that I don't fit into your group. I no longer care that there are tumbleweeds of dog hair drifting around my unpolished hardwood floors. I no longer care that I drive a 2000 Toyota Sienna mini-van that needs bodywork and smells like wet dog. I no longer care that I have a radically altered body. Why? It took me 50 years, but I have finally realized what matters in life. Here's what matters:


Anonymous said...

Ya gotta be kidding thinking u would be the only one reading your very evolved and involved beautiful perspective! LOL Here is what I have to say. Holy cow gurl! How good do you look and how wonderful your life looks!!!!! Deena shot me an e to give me a heads up. She's still in the ring swinging. Still standing. I am so darn happy for you. This is just what I needed today. Thanks so much for sharing the beauty. Kids look great...just great.
Nancy aka "Church"

clergygirl said...

Love it. I'm a self-conscious chick too, but I'm proud of myself for letting things roll right off these days. You have the right perspective:)

lahdeedah said...

Church, I love your voice. And you make me feel so good about myself, my life, my circumstances. Deena and I caught up this weekend. Happy to hear she's out finding hummingbirds and noticing the flowers. I know life is hard for her now. How is life for you?

Jennifer, thanks. I knew when I read your blog that I'd found a kindred spirit.