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I've Got the Power!

At least that's what Sherry at "Sage and Thyme" and "Journal of the Wandering Muse" thinks! Thank you for the "Roar for Powerful Words," Sherry! I am really honored to have gotten this from you! I'd like to pass it back to you, (especially for the recent True/False post) but I think that's against the "rules."

So, I'm giving it to Jena, Hedge, Katie and Deena (Sherry already honored Bella, who's not only prolific but brilliant, and Jen at Jen's Musings has this one, too.) So, here's to Jena for writing so lucidly and artfully about life's clean and messy topics; Hedge for writing with intelligence, creativity and total fearlessness; Katie for her grace and humor; and Deena for her generosity and openness. All these women have the power! (I'll provide hyperlinks this weekend when I have a little more time.)

I'd also like to mention Church, for our offline talks about life. She's the real deal.

Hope you all have a good weekend!


Jena Strong said…
Wow, Jill. Thank you! I will respond accordingly soon...

I'm honored to receive this from you.

xo Jena
SweetAnnee said…
I came to congratulate you on your award..and found I get it too
AWESOME girl!! and thanks...

and church is the real deal..she's a good friend..
and helps me tons mentally!!
KT said…
Hi Jill, thank you so much! I just popped by to see if you had written a new posting.....How cool to see my "name in lights" along with such great company! Thanks so much for the honor. Talk to you soon, Katie
Sherry said…
I tried to leave a message earlier but blogger and my server were being pissy pants...if it did go through, delete this one!!!

Anyway, I love to know that women who have strong voices which come from strong character appreciate one another...and I love seeing this passed on to other deserving women.

As for your strength and character...maybe your roar of powerful words comes from those thongs?!? LOL!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Church heard and says.....back at you and then some kid. I can only thank you for your kindness and considerations. Deena sent me a heads up online. I must tell you, these are hard times for me in the emotional way and with spirit failing and trying to find my way through this too large of loss in my life, you cannot know what your words have meant to me. You deserve each and every award in life and rewards too. I have some old faithful friends who taught me a long time ago if I can't take it a day at a time to take it five minutes at a be it for now. Love and light to us all, all ways.
Jenster said…
CONGRATULATIONS!! You are VERY deserving of this one!!
lahdeedah said…
Love to all you powerful babes!

Jena, your writing is haiku-like. Minimal and meaningful.

Deena, I wish I lived in your neck of the woods because I think you're one of those people who would drop everything for a friend.

Katie, I love your honesty and your vulnerability.

Sherry, if I get any power from this thong I'm wearing, I'm going to Old Navy for another six-pack :)

Church, I'm thinking about you. I'm hoping you'll wake up one morning in the near future and feel the clouds lift. It's only sunshine from here on out, because you've weathered everything a person can possibly weather.

Jen, you are so genuinely kind. And funny. Two of my favorite qualities in a person.


Jenster said…
Jen, you are so genuinely kind. And funny. Two of my favorite qualities in a person.

Oh, Jill. To quote Young Frankenstein, "The feeling is mutchal!"

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